Coming for counselling

You may be feeling nervous or unsure about booking in your first counselling session.  That’s understandable.  Taking that first step, can be a big deal.  To help you feel reassured, I offer an introductory session.  You can find out a little more about my style of counselling and how it might benefit you.

The relationship between myself as the counsellor and you as my client is a vital part of the therapy. It is therefore really important that you feel comfortable working with me. The initial session will last for one hour. In this session I will listen to your story and gently comment as you go along.


I will try to understand you in a way that enables you to reflect on your situation differently. You may be encouraged to talk about your childhood and dreams as well as day-to-day concerns. These may include fears, anger and thoughts about current relationships at home and at work.


Being listened to and understood in this setting can enable you to make positive changes in your life.


After the assessment you may wish to take some time about whether this feels right for you at this particular time in your life and that is absolutely fine by me.


If at the end of the session you would like to continue with counselling with me then I will take some basic details from you.


We will then arrange a regular session time for you. After the assessment, sessions are 50 mins long. There will be a Term and Conditions form to sign regarding matters such as confidentiality and missed sessions etc. I usually discuss this with you at our first session.


Sessions last for 50 minutes:


  • Individual Sessions £50 ( in some circumstances this can be negotiated)
  •  Couples’ Sessions   £65
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